Artist in her Studio

Patricia Colyer’s art work is experimental in nature. She uses expressive mark making to form her interesting and powerful visions of the land, sea and sky. 

"My work is forever developing and changing. I need the challenge of finding new and captivating ways to form my paintings. I often work on a series of paintings at a time and base them on a place and time that I have experienced. I use this direct experience and my feelings as my starting point for a painting, often working very expressively and taking the work to its semi-abstract form. I paint intuitively allowing the subconscious feelings about a particular place and time to be revealed through the painting process."


Colour is also important in her work; " I take time to choose my colours and colour mixing before I begin to paint. This acts as a kind of meditation, a process which allows me to get ready to add paint to the canvas. Colours well-chosen make a beautiful set of paintings."


Patricia was born in the coastal fishing town of Lowestoft in Suffolk, UK in 1960 and studied Art & Design at Gt Yarmouth in the 70s. Family commitments were supplemented with part-time, voluntary work and painting until she went onto read History at the University of East Anglia in1994-7 after that she worked full-time in Further Education until 2013. Working from her studio in Oulton Broad, East Anglia, she exhibits regularly at Snape and Aldeburgh both great cultural centres of Music and the Arts.