Box ship
Owner of the painting 'Box Ship'

Just to let you know I am delighted with the painting, even more so when I
got it home and hung it.

It is right on that narrow cusp between abstraction and representation that
makes you look more than once at a work or art.

I like the solid blocks of colour and the heavy impasto and the bold texture
of the surface showing how the paint has been worked.

Your landscapes are very interesting too. Originality is quite hard to find these days but I thought your treatment was original, compelling and edgy.

Charles 2016

A painting day with Tricia Colyer.

I spent a relaxed and very productive and encouraging day painting with Tricia in her studio, that left me feeling full of enthusiasm for painting in oils.

Tricia's teaching style is unhurried, and yet we seemed to cover a huge amount in a short time.
As well as the practical essentials concerning oil paint and mediums, setting out a palette and preparing canvases, Tricia proposed some preliminary painting exercises based on what she had seen from my current work. They were very well suited to my level of skill, and allowed me to practice on a small scale with this new medium, with enough help to get me off to a confident start, then letting me get on and find my own way.

In the afternoon I tackled a larger canvas based on these exercises which I was able to complete by the end of the day. I very much appreciated Tricia's generosity, both in the sharing of her expertise and the way the time was spent as the day unfolded. I felt I had achieved a great deal in just one day, and am full of projects and ideas that I feel confident to follow through.

Chris 2016

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