Apr 26, 2017

Australian flow paintings

Sacred bark

From July to September 2017 a visit to see my family in Melbourne Australia inspired a series of work based on the local landscape. I travelled between the central plains of Gippsland to Melbourne many times.

I was taking care of a rural property at Stratford right by an indigenous reserve and the view across the river, plains and away to the mountains. With nearby locations such as the blue pool, ninety-mile beach, lakes, mountains and even rainforest so I had plenty of exciting visual imagery to enjoy. 

My means for painting were limited but I had access to a large workshop with wood burning stove (Victoria can get cold in the winter) so I decided to make some flow paintings. 

The local community was very welcoming and offered a small exhibition space in the Segue Arts Gallery.

The Segue Art Cafe is on the Princes Highway as it runs through Stratford towards the Lakes in Central Gippsland, Victoria, Australia.

Mar 05, 2017

Found Objects

Found Objects 1
Found objects for our site-specific installation.
Mar 05, 2017

Large Reed Painting in progress

Reed Painting
I am working on a large canvas and am photographing the progress from beginning to end. I hope to make a video out of the photos and when complete will add to my blog. Only trouble is that I have used my mobile camera so far and the quality is just not good enough. Ah well I'll switch to my camera instead from now on and see what I can do. 
Aug 13, 2016

Art & Pots

Art and pottery
The Snape Maltings Exhibition is going well. I am meeting so many wonderful people some who buy some who want to paint with me and some who simply like my work.

Now showing until 17th August with Rob Barnes and Chris Soule

UPDATE: 18th August : all finished with sales, commissions and workshop appointments all to catch up on. Thank you so much to all those that visited the gallery.
Jul 30, 2016

Inspired by Becker Artist Statement

Across the fields


I am inspired by Becker’s drawing style, his immediacy of mark making, subtly of line, his sense of place and knowledge of the people that worked the land in twentieth century rural Suffolk.

My work relates to his sense of place and time. I am inspired by the Suffolk landscape and use expressive mark making techniques and colour as I move through today’s twenty first century landscape and hear the echoes from the past.  

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